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The end of August is approaching, and on the Hill that means one thing: the return of the students! Holy Cross Ballroom Dance could not be more excited to get back to campus and dust off the dancing shoes that have sat unused for far too long as we missed dancing and each other while team members were spread out across the country and the world for their summer jobs, internships, and adventures. We know you’ve all been practicing Cuban motion, lock-stepping, and dancing with invisible partners to kill the time (don’t deny it!), but the wait it almost over! HCBDT is in for another amazing year, complete with more hours of dance than you can count, your best friends (new best friends for those of you about to join us), fun games and events, and competitions, including our own 17th Annual Crusader Classic! Practice dates and times, as well as more information about upcoming events, will be posted shortly! See you on the dance floor!